Executive Members

Ashwani Kumar, President
Mount Saint Vincent University

Ashwani Kumar is Associate Professor of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University. His teaching and research explore the connections between mediative inquiry, consciousness, and education. He plays the harmonium and sings and composes Indian classical music. His current project explores the educational implications of the theory and practice of Indian classical music. He has authored Curriculum As Meditative Inquiry and Curriculum in International Contexts: Understanding Colonial, Ideological, and Neoliberal Influences. 

Laurel Hart, Past President
Futures/Forward and the Prairie Climate Center

Dr. Laurel Hart recently completed post-doctoral fellow jointly held with Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Educaiton, and McGill’s Department of Integrated Studies in Education (under Dr. Lynn Fells and Dr. Claudia Mitchell, respectively). She is now working on an artist residency with Futures/Forward and the Prairie Climate Center. She holds a Doctorate in Art Education at Concordia University, and BA and BEd degrees from UBC. She’s a BC certified teacher, having taught in public schools, community, post-secondary, and international settings.

Hart’s work explores urban community development through the arts (notably participatory and collaborative art forms), social media, and community and arts-based research. Her interests include: social justice and activist community creation, place making, educational technologies, informal education, new media arts and photography, and interdisciplinary research. Hart’s doctoral research involved the creation of the women’s mobile photography community. Through social media and in-person meetings, the group explored women’s experiences of urban life, highlighting women’s voices through local exhibitions and online presence.


Roula Kteily-Hawa, Co-Vice President
Brescia University College       

Roula Kteily-Hawa is an Assistant Professor in the School of Behavioural and Social Sciences at Brescia University College at Western University.  Roula brings a wealth of expertise in curriculum development and teacher education, having taught Family Studies in Continuing Teacher Education at Queen’s University and in the K-12 education system in Ontario, including fashion arts and textile artistry. Dr. Hawa’s research is community-engaged with a focus on health equity of vulnerable populations, using arts-based and arts-informed inquiry methodologies and critical feminist, anti-colonial frameworks..

Sarah Hennessy, Co-Vice President
Western University

Sarah Hennessy is a PhD Candidate in Curriculum Studies at Western University’s Faculty of Education. With particular attention to early childhood education, she is curious about art (as artist, researcher and educator) and how creative expression informs understanding. Her research is focused on feminist new materialism and common worlds theoretical perspectives in search of alternative narratives, methods and pedagogies in education. Her approach to research is focused on openings to living well with others, more-than-humans and humans alike. With more than two decades of facilitating learning, she continues to explore the intersections of art, practice, ethical engagement, and place in considering childhoods differently.

Michelle Buckle, Pre-conference co-chair
University of Alberta


Michelle is a psychologist whose doctoral studies in the University of Alberta’s Department of Secondary Education combines 24 years’ experience as a dramatherapist with her interest in exploring the experiences of Black homicide co-victims. Michelle also uses storytelling to inspire community building as a member of a Playback Theatre group.

Bonnie Petersen, Pre-conference co-chair
Mount Saint Vincent University

PhD (Education) student, with a special interest in experiential and spiritual education, the philosophy of education, and learning in English as an additional language (including all learners new to English for academic purposes). I spent many years in the UK, working in colleges for at-risk youth. I am also an artist and musician.

Hala Mreiwed, Publication award chair
McGill University

Hala Mreiwed is a PhD candidate and a course lecturer at McGill University. Her research focuses on Child Rights Education (she is a consultant in this area and a board member of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children). Her interests lie in the areas of child rights, equity, impact of war-trauma on education, teacher education and training, community-building, children’s media and creative drama.

Lisa Mitchell, Graduate research awards chair
St. Thomas University

Dr. Lisa A. Mitchell is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at St. Thomas University where she specializes in Music and Arts education. Lisa holds a Ph.D. in Education (Queen’s University), an M.Ed. (UVIC), a B.Ed. (UBC) and a B.Mus. (Capilano). Lisa has over 17 years of teaching experience in both K-12 and university contexts. Her current teaching and research interests are: curriculum and pedagogy; integrated, interdisciplinary, and intercontextual approaches to teaching and teacher education; international education; ethical responsibility and inclusive practices in diverse classrooms; narrative research; and Music and Arts-based education and research. Lisa is also an active musician (voice and flute), visual artist (photography), and a trained music conductor in both classical and jazz traditions.  

Tatiana Zakharova, Grad Student Rep
Western University

Working with Dr. Pacini-Ketchabaw, Tatiana’s PhD research focuses on the entanglement of pedagogy and design. In her multidisciplinary work, Tatiana thinks with feminist, post-human scholars to trouble the notion of play as a means of progress, imagining instead relationship-attuned play as worlding. Tatiana’s work is a collaborative experimentation, as it wishes to reimagine play-grounding potentialities. She lives, walks, plays and writes on the traditional territories of the Anishnabek, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), and Ojibway/Chippewa peoples.

Tashya Orasi, Grad Student Rep
Lakehead University

Tashya is a PhD student at Lakehead University. As an emerging arts-integrated researcher with a focus on leadership and policy studies, Tashya’s interests as an artist-teacher-researcher focus on strengths-based leadership and learning pedagogies and the intersection of creativity, engagement, innovation, meaning-making, mastery and organizational behaviour. This past year Tashya has integrated mixed media, virtual reality sketching and 3D modelling to explore themes on teacher creativity, and is interested in exploring the potentiality of these modalities to expand and evolve understandings of creative literacies, creative agency and understandings of the learning space.

Giang Nguyen Hoang Le (Kevin), Grad Student Rep
Brock University

Giang Nguyen Hoang Le, also known as Nguyen Le, Le Nguyen, Giang Le, is currently a Ph.D. student in Educational Studies at Brock University, ON, Canada. Giang-Le’s research interest centers around social justice education, Photovoice as a visual art form in educational research, Photo-Story as an arts-based research method, and English language teaching in an era of globalization and neoliberalism. He has published his articles and book chapters with some journals and for book collections of Routledge, Brill/Sense. He has presented at many international conferences on education and research such as the American Educational Research Association and Canadian Society for the Study of Education.

Émilie Vaillancourt, Grad Student Rep
Mount Saint Vincent University

Émilie is an MEd student in Curriculum Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Her areas of interest include culturally responsive pedagogy, teaching in a minority setting (French first-language schools), and creativity in the classroom. She is also a full-time high school math and science teacher in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Past Executive Members

2018 - 2020   Laurel Hart, President

                        Ashwani Kumar, Vice President  & Program Chair

                        Hala Mreiwed, Publication Award Chair

                        Dr. Lisa Mitchell, Graduate Research  Award Chair

                        Bonnie Nish, Graduate Student Representative

                        Adrian Downey, Graduate Student Representative


2016 - 2017   Mindy Carter (President, McGill University)
                        Laurel Hart (Co-Vice-President, McGill University)

                        Valerie Triggs (Co-Vice President, University of Regina)
                        Sean Wiebe (Past President, University of Prince Edward Island)
2014 - 2016   Sean Wiebe (President, University of Prince Edward Island)
                        Mindy Carter (Vice-President, McGill University)                      
                        John J. Guiney Yallop (Past President, Acadia University)

2012 - 2014   John J. Guiney Yallop (President, Acadia University)
                        Monica Prendergast (Vice-President, University of Victoria)
                        Pauline Sameshima (Past-President, Lakehead University)

2010 - 2012   Pauline Sameshima (President, Washington State University)
                        John J. Guiney Yallop (Vice-President, Acadia University)   

2008 - 2010   Kathryn Ricketts (President, Simon Fraser)


2009               Sean Wiebe (President, University of Prince Edward Island)
2002 - 2003   Rena Upitis (President, Queens University)
                        Carol Beynon (Vice-President, University of Western Ontario) 
                        ARTS/SCEA AGM: Focus on increasing membership and presentations,

                        new executive 7 presentations, CSSE, OISE/UT, 2002

2001 - 2002   Bernard W. Andrews (President, University of Ottawa)
                        Alex de Cosson (Vice-President, UBC)
                        ARTS/SCEA AGM: Focus on organisation of SIG and format for  AGM
                        9 presentations, CSSE, Quebec City, 2001

2000 - 2001   Bernard W. Andrews (Ottawa), President
                        Alex de Cosson (UBC), Vice-President
                        ARTS/SCEA AGM: SIG Constitution ratified and executive elected
                        9  presentations, CSSE, University of Alberta, 2000

1999 - 2000   Bernard W. Andrews (Acting President, University of Ottawa)
                        Alex de Cosson (Acting Vice-President, University of British Columbia)
                        Andrea Fairchild (Acting Member-at-large, Concordia University)
                        ARTS/SCEA SIG approved in principle by CACS CSSE, University of Sherbrooke, 1999
1998 - 1999   Bernard W. Andrews (Acting President, University of Ottawa) 
                        Preliminary discussions of an arts group within CSSE
                        Arts Education Symposium, CSSE, University of Ottawa, 1998

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