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Kathy Browning: Each of the photographs tells a visual story. As I continuously edited my photographs for months while making files in folders I asked myself: What was my experience of Scotland? How can I represent this experience so that it has the feeling of what each inspiring photograph had when I took the shot? It is a reliving and recreating of experience while working with specialty silver papers and creating triptychs, diptychs and other layouts to photographically tell the stories.

Fairy Pools 2

Kathy Browning: I spent 14 days of intensive photographic research taking 10 000 photographs while travelling around the coast of Scotland. This includes the incredible architecture in ancient cities; amazing, magical landscapes of heather shrouded moorlands, expansive glens with grass covered hills and lowlands, and black and red mountains; and magnificent castles. Scotland is a part of my cultural heritage.

Quiraing Peaks

2018 ARTS SIG artist Kathy Browning is an Artist and an Art Educator. She has a PhD and B.Ed. from the University of Toronto, an M.F.A. from York University, and a B.F.A. Honours from the University of Manitoba. Kathy has taught Visual Arts and Technology at the elementary, secondary and university levels and currently teaches Visual Arts in the Faculty of Education, Laurentian University. Kathy has shown work in all art media in Canada and the United States.


J. Pazienza. Early Spring, 2009. "For me beauty compels replication. Beauty is the means by which we renew our search for truth and our regard for that which is life giving. In its prescence I am made to stop, to slow down, and to look deeply. My Mantra drives from my childhood, that the beautiful is tot merely something observed, but something practiced. As an artist and educator my work attempts to recreate the call and response of the beautiful for myself and for others".


By T. Diamant. Tasha Diamant devoted her life to painting in the 1990s in Toronto. She has paintings in hundreds of private and corporate collections. Her art practice evolved into performance art activism after she became a mother in the early 2000s. Her recent work can be seen at She now lives in Victoria and teaches in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University. In 2012, Diamant graciously donated a Graduate Award Painting Prize to the recipient.

insignia final

This image was created by a participant in Dr. Mindy R. Carter's 2013-2015 McGill funded ACCLAIM (Aboriginal Culture Community and Arts Integrated Media) project that investigated the experiences of Indigenous teachers and students in Northwestern Ontario, Nova Scotia and Guatemala as they explored issues of identity and culture using the arts. Mindy R. Carter, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University (Montreal, QC Canada).


"Barn at Kihuti School in 2004", Photograph by Graham W. Lea Dr. Lea completed his PhD at the University of British Columbia, developing the full-length research-based theatre script Homa Bay Memories, which explores his and his mother's experiences teaching in Kenya 40 years apart. He has worked in local, national, and international theaters; and aught high school. Currently he is using research-based theater approaches with preservice teachers and veterans in transition from active service.


Rehearsal as Inquiry: As a cast rehearses scenes they generate insights as they respond to the text through action and interaction. The recursive interplay of finding form from the content also creates new content from its reforming. These are five recordings of a scene in Graham Lea’s dissertation, Homa Bay Memories: Using Research-based Theatre to Explore a Narrative Inheritance See more at


From Nané Ariadne Jordan’s dissertation performance ritual "Red Thread in the Forest" (2012). Dr. Jordan completed her PhD at the University of British Columbia (2012). She is a practicing artist in photography and textile arts, with a working background in pre-regulation Canadian midwifery. She seeks an artful and relational scholarly path, and is motivated to inspirit the academy in order to bring fuller possibilities for human experience and well-being into educational spaces and communities.


Design research journal left hand entry (2011), from Dr. Peter's Dissertation. Beryl Peters has enjoyed a rich and varied career in the Arts and Arts Education. She has taught music and the arts and currently works as a provincial arts consultant. Beryl is the recipient of numerous teaching awards. Her Ph.D. research explored a life-long interest in the learning potentials of music and Arts-based multi-literacies. Dr. Peters was the recipient of the 2012 Doctoral Arts Graduate Research Award.


Visual journal entry from Ms. Ahmad's Thesis, 2011. Rozina Ahmad, Grade 2 teacher at Carstairs Elementary School, received the 2012 Masters Arts Graduate Research Award. Her thesis research involved integrating the arts with core curriculum. Connecting curriculum with visual journals in her own classrooms strongly influenced her decision to further inquire into the visual journaling process. She enjoys nurturing the creativity of her students through the use of art and visual journals.

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